Terms & conditions

  1. Express / urgent delivery surcharge
    If customers request to deliver their orders in 3 hours after confirmation, an additional charge of HK$200 per order applies.
  2. Specific delivery time #
    Standard delivery time is 9am to 6pm.
    If a specific delivery time is required, the below additional charge applies:
    An additional charge of HK$200 per order applies on a particular delivery time between 9am and 6pm.
    An additional charge of HK$500 per order applies on a particular delivery time from 8am to 9am or from 6pm to 7pm.

    Delivery service after 7pm and in peak season (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, before Christmas and Chinese New Year) are not available.
  3. Redirection and redelivery
    Our drivers will not call the recipients for a surprise unless the delivery address or details are needed to be confirmed.

An additional charge of redirection or redelivery applies to the following cases:

A recipient is not reachable at a specified date and time. We may pass the product to the receptionist or the security guard of the building;

A recipient refuses the flowers;

An inaccurate or incomplete information is provided.


We will charge HK$100 ($250 for special areas) for every redirection or redelivery. Our staff will contact the buyers for rearrangement.

We will update the buyers on the extra costs on reproduction of the products due to a decline of the quality.

Delivery service may be suspended or delayed in the event of bad weather:

  • Typhoon signal no. 8 or above.
  • Red or black rainstorm warning
  • Flood and landslip warning

Delivery services will be rearranged and resumed within three hours after the warning is cancelled. If the warning is cancelled at or after 3pm, the delivery will be resumed the next day.
Any unforeseeable circumstances and force majeure, including but not limited to unexpected weather or traffic conditions, may affect the arrival time and no cancellation or refund will be arranged.